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Astepro (Azelastine)

Astepro drops relieve eye itching and redness associated with allergies. It is usual to use the drops twice each day, although they can be used up to four times a day for severe symptoms. When first put in, eye drops can cause blurred vision. Wait until this clears before you drive and before you use tools or machines.

Other names for this medication:
Azelastine, Afluon, Allergodil, Astelin, Astepro, Asthafen, Azel, Azelastin, Azelastina, Azelone, Azen, Azep, Azeptin, Ketasma, Lastin, Optilast, Optivar, Otrivine, Phenergan, Rhinolast, Rinalin, Xanaes,

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Ophthalmic Astepro comes as a solution (liquid) to instill in the eye. It is usually instilled in the affected eye(s) twice a day. To help you remember to use Astepro, use it around the same time every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Use Astepro exactly as directed. Do not use more or less of it or use it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

To instill the eye drops, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Check the dropper tip to make sure that it is not chipped or cracked.
  3. Avoid touching the dropper tip against your eye or anything else; eye drops and droppers must be kept clean.
  4. While tilting your head back, pull down the lower lid of your eye with your index finger to form a pocket.
  5. Hold the dropper (tip down) with the other hand, as close to the eye as possible without touching it.
  6. Brace the remaining fingers of that hand against your face.
  7. While looking up, gently squeeze the dropper so that a single drop falls into the pocket made by the lower eyelid. Remove your index finger from the lower eyelid.
  8. Close your eye for 2 to 3 minutes and tip your head down as though looking at the floor. Try not to blink or squeeze your eyelids.
  9. Place a finger on the tear duct and apply gentle pressure.
  10. Wipe any excess liquid from your face with a tissue.
  11. If you are to use more than one drop in the same eye, wait at least 5 minutes before instilling the next drop.
  12. Replace and tighten the cap on the dropper bottle. Do not wipe or rinse the dropper tip.
  13. Wash your hands to remove any medication.

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Leukotriene C4 induces migration of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells without loss of immunostimulatory function. Microtubules, microfilaments, and pigment movement in the chromatophores of Palaemonetes vulgaris (Crustacea).

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The primary objective of this study was to compare the expectations that patients with recent spinal cord injury (SCI) had about walking 1 year from injury with the expectations of their physiotherapists. Reducing gametocyte carriage is central to the control of Plasmodium falciparum transmission as infection can result in extended periods of gametocytaemia. Surveys included the Leadership Practices Inventory and Areas of Worklife Scale, which looked at meaningfulness of work and organizational engagement. Until recently, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) disease in cattle was thought to be caused by a single agent strain, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) (classical BSE or BSE-C).

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Endonuclease G: the link between mitochondria and cardiac hypertrophy? Detection of epileptic activity in fMRI without recording the EEG.

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In comparison to SSF, a Lunar Station will have gravity, a higher EVA rate, physically more DCS provocative EVA, and little, if any, capacity for medical evacuation. The objective is to define the therapeutic role of antiplatelet agents in a triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) population. In contrast to the observed Shc-EGF receptor association, we did not detect association between the Shc proteins and the insulin receptor. The lowest dose of vasopressin (0.4 mU/kg X min), which had no significant effect on resting mean arterial pressure, heart rate, or renal sympathetic nerve activity, increased the inhibitory influence of arterial baroreflexes on renal sympathetic nerve activity in response to an increase in pressure. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the potential of two GCS-based dosage forms (aqueous solution or nanoparticle suspension) for oral administration of the P-gp substrate Rho-123.

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Initially, motion is dictated by carrier-carrier interactions, resulting in diffusive spreading of the neutral electron-hole cloud. The possible contributions of these neuroinflammatory, neuroendocrine, and neurotrophic mechanisms suggest a diverse array of novel treatment strategies for depression, both in the context of inflammatory conditions as well as in idiopathic depression. Influenza vaccination is contraindicated in patients with severe allergies to egg, chicken, or feathers, because egg-cultivated influenza vaccines may contain ovalbumin. Implementing an acuity-adaptable care model in a rural hospital setting. The number of obese patients has increased in France over the last two decades, which has had an impact on the incidence of numerous types of cancer.

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Side effects of drugs are inevitable but can be controlled successfully in most instances. A number of polyunsaturated or chemically modified phospholipids were significantly lower in the plasma of pregnant women that developed GDM when compared to healthy controls, while no difference was observed for the saturated phospholipids. Registration was performed without modification of the bounding box in the control group, and the results were compared with groups re-registered using multiple bounding boxes limited to the region of interest (ROI).

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Although the results presented here are promising, further confirmation of the predictive value of the set of candidate biomarkers identified as well as the validation of their clinical role will be needed. Unlike the evaluation of QC rules that span multiple analytical runs, most of the fundamental results regarding the performance of QC rules applied within a single analytical run can be obtained from statistical theory, without the need for simulation studies. Once-daily aspirin is standard treatment, but recent studies point towards increased platelet function at the end of the dosing interval. Development of axonal pathways after neurosurgical lesions in the septum of the fetal rat: fornix ventralis, commissure of the fornix ventralis, corpus callosum and anterior commissure. Clinical results clearly

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Further steps for improving the tool are proposed and should lead to its useful adoption in LMICs. Clinical outcomes of Ahmed glaucoma valve in anterior chamber versus ciliary sulcus. KAP assessment of oral health and adverse pregnancy outcomes among pregnant women in Hyderabad, India. It is frequently overlooked in children, however, because of the severity of their concomitant injuries and the unfamiliarity of pediatricians with this type of injury.

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Proof-of-concept studies demonstrated a broad spectrum of single-cell applications including isolation, deposition, adhesion and injection in a range of biological systems. Collectively these results show that drebrin is initially necessary for the formation of a leading process and subsequently for this to respond to navigational signals and grow in the correct direction. Then logistic regression identified predictors of unfavourable outcomes. Working knowledge of surface and deep anatomy minimizes complications. Epigenetic developmental programs and adipogenesis: implications for psychotropic induced obesity.

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Meta-analysis demonstrated publication bias for primary efficacy, while the adjusted standardized mean difference using the trim-and-fill method indicated IPT was still significantly superior to the control conditions. Clinical background liver factors, such as the presence of chronic active hepatitis or cirrhosis, are well known as risk factors for developing HCC.

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Comprehension issues were due to terms perceived by participants to be vague and the use of English terms uncommon in Singapore. The meta-analytic combination of these studies indicates that MS patients are significantly more depressed than comparison groups. This study highlights the importance of molecular genetic studies in the definitive diagnosis and classification of CH, and also adds up to the limited number of nonsense TG mutations in the literature.

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Peptide mapping of the tryptic digest of rhIL-4 using a combination of CZE and micro-LC provided complimentary high resolution methods for establishing protein identity. All spindle A cells were diploid and most tetraploid peaks were formed by epithelioid cells. The results suggested that ASMq might reduce toxicity and enhance the efficacy of the chemotherapeutic drug 5-fluorouracil in the treatment of cervical carcinoma. Analysis of the antigenic determinants of the IgG and IgA responses by immunoblotting showed that patients with chronic infection unlike those who clear the infection have no IgA response to a 57 kDa Giardia heat shock antigen.

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Despite its reliability in the evaluation of cemented hip prostheses, the value of arthroscintigraphy in patients with uncemented or porous-coated prostheses is undetermined. Locally ordered structures were found and assigned to a (100) facet of crystalline domains.

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The rapid growth of the number of mathematical models in Systems Biology fostered the development of many tools to simulate and analyse them. We here evaluated associations of the MTHFR C677T polymorphism and folate intake with esophageal cancer. Treatment with ALCAR and ALA at the dose and duration used in this study does not have antidepressant effects in depressed bipolar patients and does not significantly enhance mitochondrial functioning in this patient group.

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Thermal ablation procedures, including radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT), are now well established in the treatment of malignant unresectable hepatic tumors. Intense secondary prevention in cerebral infarction especially in older women are needed. Satisfaction, commitment and professionalism of newly employed nurses. Recessive (mediator-) revertants from c-H-ras oncogene-transformed NIH 3T3 cells: tumorigenicity in nude mice and transient anchorage and serum independence of the recovered tumor cells in culture. Clinical and laboratory parameters were analysed, including all parameters present in KS in relation to the risk of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) resistance and the occurrence of coronary complications in the form of aneurysms and dilatations.

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extremaustralis can be a good candidate to be used as hydrocarbon bioremediation agent, especially in extreme environments. Postoperatively, the isolated left trochlear nerve palsy improved completely within a few days. Clinical uses of the concentration-temperature relationship curve of alcohol

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In this review, we will provide a general overview of commensal microbiota, inflammation, and cancer, as well as how microbes fit into this emerging field. Assessing early performance in the patient-doctor relationship in dental education.

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Prevalence rates are higher in boys than girls among children, but higher in females in the adolescent and adult age groups. To investigate mortality of ICU patients over a 3-month period after an initial episode of septic shock and to identify factors associated with mortality. Characterization of immunosuppressive functions of murine peritoneal macrophages induced with various agents. The new direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) represent a great hope for millions of chronically infected individuals because their use may lead to excellent cure rates with fewer side effects.

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Coronary angiography with attention to the possible presence of arterial and venous malformations is indicated when atypical symptoms or signs are present in the WPW syndrome. These influence directly or indirectly the enzymes which regulate liver carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism and thereby orient metabolic fluxes towards either energy storage or substrate release. Interestingly, furthermore, a number of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies have tried to shed light on the functional mechanisms and neural correlates involved in imitation inhibition. Median time to first revision or explantation is slightly less than 2 years, indicating that long-term follow-up is required after initial implantation.

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Acalculous cholecystitis (panniculitis) associated with Weber-Christian disease. The last roentgenogram prior to autopsy of 69 ventilated patients was interpreted by three reviewers and the above signs were correlated with autopsy evidence of pneumonia.

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Acute-phase serum amyloid A: perspectives on its physiological and pathological roles. Any questionable or debatable cases were evaluated and adjudicated by a second allergist. In a rural population-based cohort, we examine the role of parental violence on standardized test score performance.

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Consequently such a protein could behave as a new kind of informative molecule and replicate misfolding according to a process similar to infection. It is the responsibility of the registered dietitian nutritionist and WLS program to determine individual variations as they relate to patient nutritional care. An immunohistochemical study with an estrogen receptor-related protein (ER-D5) in human colorectal cancer. A new species of pine anole from the Sierra Madre del Sur in Oaxaca, Mexico (Reptilia, Squamata, Dactyloidae: Anolis). Together with clinical examination, the results of microradiographic analysis served as validating criterion in this study.

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Additional patterns, which have the same wavenumbers as the existing ones, appear via saddle-node bifurcations of limit cycles. We highlight the lncRNAs that play a functional role in the development of blood cells.

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Additional data indicate that a reaction-time approach toward the analysis of the stages of mnemonic processing can provide new insights into the specific nature of mnemonic deficits induced by brain damage. But plasma Bb level remained high until the end of hemodialysis. Small published series suggest a higher failure rate for Angio-Seal vascular closure device (VCD) deployment after antegrade femoral puncture, despite the need for shorter haemostasis times, early discharge, and possibly higher turnover. Without attaining the strength of the former, the cements best suited for auxiliary mixing methods were CMW-1 and Palacos brands, which improved 6-11 percent by either of the methods.

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The article presents data on role of carbohydrate in clinical nutrition. Our experience suggests that GM-CSF may be useful for short-term treatment of serious infections in GSD-1b. Compared with the use of free fat grafts after laminectomy in dogs, Vicryl mesh produced slightly more scarring, but consistently less than observed in controls. Tubal injection of MTX has no adverse effect on fertility of rabbits. The impact of audio-visual biofeedback on 4D PET images: results of a phantom study.

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In order for muscular neurotization to occur, it is necessary to have (1) injury to the nerves of the intact feeder muscle and (2) a pathway upon which the regenerating nerves may grow into the graft. Therefore, the goal to develop an implant for the treatment of distal fibular fractures based on the evidence of a large anatomical database could be attained. Distinct memory traces which utilize the same neurons, but differ only in temporal sequencing are selectively retrievable. To determine the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in healthy Saudi adults. Intracerebroventricular infusion of opioid analgesics thus appears to be a safe and effective therapy for the palliative treatment of refractory pain.

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Magnetic resonance imaging of differential compartmental function of horizontal rectus extraocular muscles during conjugate and converged ocular adduction. Immunoaffinity chromatography of recombinant Amb a I in the presence of a denaturing agent.

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Parasitoid fitness depends on the ability of females to locate a host. Somatic TP53 mutations are a defining feature of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSOC). Vivax malaria is the most widely distributed human malaria and is responsible for up to 400 million infections every year. Among HIV-infected individuals with vitamin D deficiency, supplementation with 4,000 IU vitamin D3 daily for 12 weeks modestly improved vitamin D status and cholesterol but worsened insulin resistance without change in endothelial function.

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Letter: Considerations in the arrest of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. All the patients were followed for one year after the completion of treatment.

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OnTrackNY: The Development of a Coordinated Specialty Care Program for Individuals Experiencing Early Psychosis. Herein, we detail a new case of a subglottic SFT presenting as a well-encapsulated soft-tissue tumor with hoarseness. To evaluate the effect of probiotics administered as an adjuvant to sequential Helicobacter pylori (H.

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Account: characterization and identification of microcystins by mass spectrometry. Here we used recombinant proteins in pulldown experiments and mass spectrometry to identify major interaction partners of the FET N-terminal parts. Kinetic studies on the cells indicated that incorporation of sulfur into protein and enzyme synthesis occurred on supply of either a sulfur compound, which did not cause repression, or of tyramine, which caused derepression, irrespective of the type of sulfur compound added, if any. The addition of bevacizumab increased the ORR and PFS, but not OS, in our nonrandomized trial. Although screening for osteoporosis is recommended for some populations, patients may present with a fragility fracture.

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THE CULTURE OF A FREE-LIVING NEMATODE (GENUS RHABDITIS) AND ITS USE AS CLASSROOM MATERIAL. Secondary outcomes were the mean total morphine sulfate dose, outpatient phenobarbital days, adverse events and treatment failures. Measurements and calculations of changes in the electrical conductivity of the thoracic segment during systolic upstroke provides the basis for non-invasive determination of stroke volume and cardiac output. Optimal management in patients with umbilical hernias and liver cirrhosis with ascites is still under debate. Rituximab therapy in necrotizing autoimmune myopathy associated with anti-SRP antibody: A clinical case review.

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Transient state isoelectric focusing: computational procedures for digital data processing with a desk-top programmable calculator. Toxin gamma retains full activity in the pH 4.5-7.5 range, but is almost completely inactivated at pH 11.5.

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This is the first study to show that NIRS can be a useful tool in detecting hemodynamic ischemia in patients with impaired cerebral perfusion reserves noninvasively and in real time. Asymmetrically interacting spreading dynamics on complex layered networks. Multiple alterations in growth factors, protooncogenes and growth factors have been detected in different epithelial ovarian cancers.

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Post-transfusion purpura associated with anti-Baka and anti-PIA2 platelet antibodies and delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction. The Effect of Experimental Stress upon the Photically Activated EEG.

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While this rise is likely multifactorial, there has been scarce consideration of the effect of insurance statuses on the treatment of thyroid cancer. The proposed supervoxel-based method can accurately segment prostate MR images and can have a variety of application in prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy. Inductive dermal cells and epithelial cells dissociated from neonatal C57 BL/6 mice were injected into the chamber and dermis for patch assays.

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Newly identified barriers and facilitators are related to the multidisciplinary care setting. Where and how to search for evidence in the education literature: the WHEEL. Occurrence of postoperative condylar resorption correlated with certain locations and types of fracture. Our results suggest that miR-153, and possibly other fear-induced miRNAs, act as components of a negative feedback loop that blocks neuronal hyperactivity at least partly through the inhibition of the vesicular transport pathway. Key informants included university administrators, instructors, leaders of flood victims and the flood victims.

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Immunolocalization of acidic alpha-keratin (AK2) of 45-50 kDa in tonofilaments of the epidermis in Apalone spinifera and absence in the corneous layer where desquamating corneocytes are present supports the biochemical data. For the parameters with a diurnal rhythm, hour-to-hour RCVs were determined. Carbimazole (100 mg/kg diet) was fed to pullets from 8 to 12 or from 12 to 16 weeks of age.

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Clinical observations suggesting a changing site of action during induction and recession of spinal omeprazole brand names in pakistan and epidural anesthesia. Four-legged junctions tend to higher accident numbers relative to the three-legged junctions. Projection neurons in area 10 originated mostly in layers 2-3 and were intermingled with CB inhibitory neurons. Notably, while the precision of the PEV became worse at low SNR, no bias in the PEV orientation was observed.

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When treating bipolar II or bipolar not otherwise specified depression, low doses of aripiprazole, 5 mg or less, may be more effective and better tolerated than higher ones. A precision genomic medicine approach is dependent on an enhanced understanding of amoxy clav acid drug driver mutations in each subtype and stratification of patients according to their genetic drivers. In addition, intrinsic characteristics of the individual specimens exerted substantial effects on the test results for all specimen types. The synthetic peptides were also tested for their ability to scavenge peroxynitrite (PN) and to exhibit glutathione peroxidase (GPx)-like activity.

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Conducting Privacy-Preserving Multivariable Propensity Score Analysis When Patient Covariate Information Is Stored joicaster vs restream blizzcon in Separate Locations. 3D Near Infrared and Ultrasound Imaging of Peripheral Blood Vessels for Real-Time Localization and Needle Guidance.

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However, differences in activity and the details of nozer omeprazole capsules metaloc-20 the EPR analysis indicate conformational rigidity that is dependent on the lipid environment. Subintimal angioplasty is an effective method for the treatment of long superficial femoral artery (SFA) occlusions. Analysis of the present method for application in protein-protein binding as well as the limitation of the method in numerical computation is discussed.

astepro 0.15 nasal spray cost 2014-10-14

The aim of this study was to assess the utility of clinical assessment of respiratory muscle weakness in MS. Therefore, specific regimes of physical exercise are a better strategy to attenuate the alterations that motoneurons suffer after axotomy than pharmacological modulation of the TrkB pathway. According to the Japanese Patients with MPO-ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (JMAAV) study protocol, a total of 48 patients with newly diagnosed MPO-ANCA-associated amoxibeta 1000 mg tabs for crazy vasculitis received a standardized cyclophosphamide plus prednisolone regimen, and their clinical courses were followed for 18 months following their entry into the study.

astepro nasal spray drug interactions 2010-01-11

Prevalence of hepatitis C virus in adult population in the Czech Republic - time for birth cohort screening. The possibility that there is a cause-and-effect relation between these findings and reading disability will require further study. omeprazole dosage strengths of prempro So eEF1A2 might serve as a potential therapeutic target in prostate cancer.

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Cardiac kinematic parameters computed from video of in situ beating heart. Returning veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan experience high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicidal behavior. The midazolam group had better amnesia effects with no incidence of venous sequelae. Vesiculobullous rash in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. A total of 704 glycosyltransferase unique sequences have been found from a ginseng expressed sequence tag (EST) library, and these sequences encode enzymes sobelin 300 mg kapseln inhalt responsible for the secondary metabolite biosynthesis.

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Gastrointestinal (usually stomach and small bowel), oral, and urogenital sites are the most common areas affected, whereas pulmonary arteriovenous fistulae can be the most catastrophic. Myeloid tramadol over the counter in philippines Leukemia Factor Acts in a Chaperone Complex to Regulate Transcription Factor Stability and Gene Expression. We reported here a case of arteriosclerosis obliterans (ASO) in which clinical symptoms and signs were improved after repeated LDL apheresis. Coordinated cell movements are crucial for vertebrate gastrulation and are controlled by multiple signals. The application shows that my method is powerful in identifying disease-associated variants even with the extreme rarity.